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Lesic Dimitri


‘If we get married in Croatia, do you think anyone will come?’. That was the question posed to me by one of my oldest, and best friends Andy, after he and wife to be Vicky had painstakingly de liberated a range of options from Ibiza, to Thailand, to a private registrar in sunny (joke) old England. It took me all of 30 seconds to respond after I had stopped laughing… ‘Are you mad, of course they will, count us in!’ I got in touch with my two wing men, Colin and Tom, and we decided early on we were going to do Dalmatia the Le Bon Lifestyle way, with no expense spared. With dates confirmed I set to the task with vigour. We would fly into Dubrovnik on the Tuesday for two nights, before cruising up to Hvar by motor yacht on Thursday, arriving in plenty of time for the…