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Le Gavroche


‘Meet me at Marble Arch station at 6 pm and don’t try and google where we are going!’ Gemma’s instruction was clear and tempting as it was to ignore the second part of the direction I resisted the temptation to find out the destination of my surprise birthday meal. As we entered Upper Brook Street in London’s Mayfair my hope increased that we were going to Michel Roux Junior’s two Michelin star restaurant Le Gavroche – hope soon became a reality, and I wasn’t to be disappointed. After kindly donating me a jacket (I didn’t know the dress code beforehand) the Maitre d’ led us down to our table which was a booth for two at the back of a dimly lit, brasserie-style dining room that would not have gone amiss in Paris. We plumped for two glasses of Bollinger Rose champagne as an aperitif and perused the mouth-watering menu.…