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Before I start this review I have a small confession to make…my wedding was in Maratea, Basilicata so I fear my glasses may have that suspicious tint of rose and my judgement may be somewhat clouded by the mist of love…but what the heck – much as I want to keep Basilicata ‘our little secret’ I can’t! Like love itself I have to scream about this place from the rooftops and share it with the world so everybody can appreciate this hidden gem in southern Italy. (Ok, emotional outporing done I promise – now onto the review!) Situated around 2.5 hours drive south from Naples, Basilicata is the Amalfi Coast’s lesser known little brother. Except…strip out the tourists, dial up the scenery, raise the bar up a few notches on the food (OMG the mozzarella!) and add some spectacular wines and suddenly little brother is punching way above his weight.…


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