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I haven’t yet been to Victoria, Niagara or Angel Falls, so I can’t really judge which Waterfall is the most spectacular on earth, but Iguazu Falls must take some beating… Situated on the border between Brazil and Argentina the Iguazu Falls form the largest waterfall system in the world. The falls are divided between two national parks (one Argentinian and the other Brazilian) and set among rainforest, which provides a broad and diverse ecosystem where nature thrives. We decided to add Iguazu to the itinerary of our 3 month sabbatical after reading that the Falls were among the best natural wonders to explore in South America, and indeed the world. We were not to be disappointed. Best Hotels Iguazu We stayed in The Loi Suites, which I would describe as a reasonably good 4 star hotel. Bear in mind there aren’t many luxury choices in Iguazu, and we had…